Voice User Interface for Banking



Voice user interface (VUI) is another milestone of user interface (UI) for the user to have more interaction with technology to accomplish their day to day important work with hassle-free service.

Many customers started using VUI (voice user interface). In fact, most of the people prefer voice assistant for the smart home, smart office, personal assistant, travel booking, smart payment, etc.,

Voice user interface currently available to end user in the form of Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, Microsoft Cortana & Samsung Bixby, etc., as IOT smart speaker or available in the smartphone.


Voice is considered to be future and it’s trending across the world while big giants like Google & Amazon full-fledged investing the vast amount of money and resource to bring the best out of digital voice.

As per the stats, voice technology growing faster and people using it for home automation, personal assistant, adviser, etc.. Even many fields started promoting their business through Voice technology that provides the wonderful experience for their customers.

When every field grows their business through voice technology, the Financial institution cannot be negligent due to security as a concern.

Voice Banking with Bio-metrics Authentication:

Voice technology can be used in the banking system along with biometrics authentication, to facilitate the customers with voice banking.


Idea Summary: There are many financial service providers, shine well in the banking domain with more technology enabled. Those financial services providers can also facilitate voice user interface (VUI) for their issuing clients (bank) to enable voice banking with multifactor authentication like voice, face ID &  biometrics for secure smart voice banking. So the customer can perform banking everywhere even at home with their voice IOT devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple HomePod, Microsoft Invoke and even through Voice enabled smartphone.

Voice secured:

Voice banking & payments are already available to end user in VUI but security is the main concern for the customer to speak out their secured PIN.

To bring more security and reliable service through VUI, Voice banking with multifactor biometrics authentication will definitely increase reliable in voice banking to end user.

How it works?


The customer enables & invoke the Voice banking skill that is available in Voice assistant skill store. At once the skill invoked, the voice banking skill will start to recognize the user voice as the first-factor authentication by Amazon AVS, Google Action, etc., using amazon voice match Google voice match through ASR (automatic speech recognition) and understand the user request intents using NLP (Natural Language Processing). Further, based on the intents, the request will pass to Financial service provider’s hosted intent processing system. The Financial service provider’s intent processing system will evaluate the user request whether the request is financial or non-financial transaction and transfer the request to host issuing systems via API request.

Financial Request:

If the customer intent for financial transactions such as wallet transfer, load, PIN change, etc.., then there will be authentication request notification initiated from host issuing system to customer registered Financial service authentic mobile app for the end user to authorize as second factor authentication using face ID, finger biometrics & voice biometrics based on customer feasibility to approve for further financial request processing.

Upon customer authentication, voice response back to the customer confirming success/failure response for the requested intent transaction.

Non-Financial Request: 

if the customer intent for non-financial transactions like balance check, then the first factor (voice match performed by third-party (Amazon, Google, Apple, etc.) authentication would be sufficient for the voice assistants to respond with balance details without further ado.