About Me

Goal Of Learninone.com

The primary goal of LearnInOne is to update this site with many subjects information for the people that visit this site, will be encouraged to keep updating their knowledge.

Keep learning about some good topics will promote you to the next level of understanding. Learning should not happen only at a college or school level, it should be till lifetime irrespective of age.


About Me and My Story

I am a very process oriented person but easy to get along. Out of my eleven years of experience, almost ten years I am spending my career life in Banking domain. Banking domain meant the lot, though I cherish and love to work in Issuing processing sector.
Being part of banking processing, I am a disciplinarian. I am not only domain guy as I am fond of technologies as well. I do myself everything either it is an
official or personal reason. That’s why I learned the scripting language to automate the stuff that repeats.

“Never stop learning” is my policy. So I always encourage myself to learn new stuff and also write it on my blog. I volunteer to encourage my team and co-workers to learn new stuff for their career and personal life. Either lead the team or part of a team, I respect everyone because I am a great team player.
I and my wife always want to give the best for our two kids. Due to which, I am also one of Voice assistant (Alexa, Google) kids skill developer. Not only stopped with that but DIY (Do It Yourself) is also my hobby, so I am part of some tech communities.

My expertise: Proficiency in Interchanges (Visa & MasterCard) technical process, Reconciliation, Banking BAU operation, Fraud analyst, Python, Shell, Bash & PowerShell scripting.

Experienced in:- New Project end to end implementation, Supporting for ISAE & PCI audits, Project and Datacenter migration, Production and DR replication, setting up the monitoring and alerting, AWS lambda, Application support, Software Configuration Management. Implemented the DevOps process using Tools like Jenkins, SVN, and RUNDECK for automated deployment.