Released my first DevOps book

After six months of effort, I am happy to release my first book written about DevOps.


Devops Book cover.png

As I write my experience that I am gaining in supporting open source projects. I thought that I should write it in my blog for people to know the process that extensively practiced in the open source industry.

In the opensource community, DevOps as the process is following. Though the developer or contributors are free to do anything, the tools and process make sure everyone does what is right.

In any open source community, when we step to give our contribution, the first step is to learn the process.

Yes, I have also learned and wants to write that practice as a book with real-time example (in the form of a story) and published on

I encourage you to buy and read this book. If you really like the concept, please give your valuable reviews.

If you are not having reading habits, no worries! You can watch this book as a video with a presentation. But you need to wait for each chapter as it includes another effort that I need to put on weekends.

Here is first chapter in the form of a video.

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