Most liked python sources

Python Programming:

Python is becoming a very interesting programming language or an important language that take part in any IT field. Moreover, Python can be used for any field say web development (Django, flask), Data analysis (Pandas, Numpy), Data Science (Scipy) and voice assistance (Flask-ask, Flask-assistant), etc. So it is solely in our choice whether which module I can use for my requirements. In Quora, there are so many questions raised related to Python the beginners. In fact, some people who are not even into IT tech field wants to learn Python just because it is hot topics in Data Science. Now many people pursuing Python, there would be different requirements for which people directly download the code from the internet just to fulfill their requirements but at the same time, it is mandatory to ensure code ethics followed.

PIP Install:

Though we have many modules & codes available on git-hub & internet, we need to be very sure on what kind of module that I am going to choose and whether those are trusted a source. In order to control that, the Python community has long back introduced the Python repository tool PyPi which has defined the certain level of code conducts & format that has to be followed in order to commit any famous codes on this Python package index (PyPi). So it is always best practice and secure to install/import any Python module using pip install which directly downloads the recent stable version from PyPI repository.

Python code in Git-Hub:

In case, if none of the pre-installed modules found in the PyPi repository to meet your requirements and the special code found in Git-hub open source repositories then we can go ahead and clone it for our use. However, before integrated those module/ codes in our code, it is good to validate the module or review the code to ensure no leakage identified in that code like unnecessary https routing or network connection. Also, choose the code if it has proper README with the detailed walkthrough about code, how many issues discussed, review the branch segregation, the number of contributors, how many have the fork. Further, you can also review about the code publisher in twitter & LinkedIn.

Follow the Python:

Some developers keep writing the python code while another just touch python whenever required. It does not matter either I am Python programmer or intermittently writing code in Python. if we love Python and wants to write the Python code in Pythonic way then there are plenty of sources through which we can connect and feed ourselves more information, news, tricks & techniques about Python.

I am not the coding more, however, I used to follow certain podcast, people & site to keep up myself updated with Pythons. Here are some of the source that I follow personally and it’s really benefitted when I do simple code now and then. This website is specifically about Python PODCAST, as the PODCAST really deliver the technical and useful level of modules which you can use in our Python code. The podcast available in iPhone podcast store, google play store & SoundCloud. This is a weekly podcast and almost runs for an hour but it is very interesting when you continuously follow the discussions. I encourage you to follow this to find out the special modules that are really useful. The owner of this site also delivering Python well designed paid courses for beginners, intermediate to advance level. This is another podcast that gives more developer news to follow the Python.

Python Bytes: This is about Python 100 days challenges, If you are really free from projects or enjoying your vocation buts wants to write some python code, then you can participate and start writing some code to challenge yourself.

Python Community: In this Python communities, you can and be active to clarify your questions and raise support.

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Real Python: In this site, you can register to get Python tricks on a daily basis. You can also find free courses and video tutorial delivered by the owner of this site. The famous book Python Trick has the complete guide with tricks that you can write/use in your code.

PyData: If you writing Python for data analysis, then you can follow this community and learn more about pandas & other special modules that specifically used for Data analysis.

Full Stack Python: This site deliver complete useful free contents of Python for learning with regards to web development, data analysis, etc.

Also, you can join your local region meetup group and participate to discuss Python and a list of project that is delivered in Python.

Hope the materials are really useful for you to grow yourself in Python to achieve your respective streams.

Below are some of the books that I have bought and very useful to me as I am daily reading to feed myself more into Python coding.

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